jQuery CRUD Deletion Patterns

Like a lot of rubyists, I’ve been playing with jQuery and lov’in it. Here is a little pattern I’ve been using to generically handle ajax deletion of resources through jQuery.

How are you doing this? Is there a better, cleaner or simpler way?

// ajaxify CRUD delete links
$('a.crud_delete_link').livequery('click', function(){
  if (!confirm('Are you sure?'))
    return false
  var self = this
    // window.location.href should be ok most of the time unless the resource is nested...
    // in that case use the rel attribute 
    url: $(self).attr('rel') != '' ? $(self).attr('rel') : window.location.href, 
    data: { _method: 'delete' },
    type: 'POST',
    success: function() {
      if ($(self).hasClass('hide_li')) {
      } else {
        // trim off record identifer and return to "index" page or refresh page
        // example: /admin/clusters/1 => /admin/clusters
        // example: /account/logo => /account/logo
        var parts = window.location.pathname.match(/^(.*)\/(\d+)$/)
        window.location = (parts == null) ? window.location : parts[1]
  return false
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