Life Changes

In my last post I stated “2010 will be a very different than 2009”. Here are the two big reasons why:

The first big reason is that I am now no longer a co-owner of ServiceSidekick and will be actively seeking new business ventures. Thankfully despite our decision to part ways the owner and I have remained on good terms. In fact I will be still consulting on a limited basis with the new development team. I am very proud of the product that ServiceSidekick is today and I am excited to see it develop into even a stronger offering in the future.

The second big change will be my second son who is due to arrive within a week. Needless to say I am thrilled to be a dad all over again! As an added bonus this work transition will allow me to take the time to fully enjoy our new addition to the family.

A big thanks to everyone who helped during the last wild couple of months, especially my wonderful wife Alison.

Looking to the future I’m excited to see what new business opportunities present themselves. Initially I plan on focusing more attention on mobile development but beyond that I currently have no hard and fast plans. In addition I’ll be looking for consulting work. So if you know anyone looking for a Ruby or Rails or iPhone dev send them my way :)

And may we all prosper in 2010!

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